About Mark

Mark Hazeldine is an architectural photographer based in Surrey (near London), UK. He is a specialist in architectural, interiors and hospitality photography.

“I am passionate about creating, curating and publishing strong images with bold lines, shapes and colour that convey the beauty of architecture, urban spaces and interior designs in a way that is faithful to real life and yet also has an artistic quality. I am also passionate about business and marketing. I enjoy promoting your business as much as myself and love to help you get the most of out your marketing through great imagery and visuals.”



Mark has been practising art and design from the age of 3. Throughout his early years, he constantly drew images of buildings and transportation. He studied art and product design at university, and went on to gain 5 years' experience in digital marketing in the B2B corporate world. Outside of formal education and work, Mark developed a passion for photography from the age of 15 (inspired by playing with his father's Canon AE1 film SLR). As before with drawing, he continued finding himself interested in the subject of buildings and the environment around him. Through a series of family holidays and later trips to Europe with his wife, Mark developed a passion for travel, admiring the amazing architecture of great cities such as Paris, Florence and Rome and the varied experiences staying in numerous interesting hotels.


Becoming an Architectural photographer

Given Mark's background, it didn't take long to get a light bulb moment. Mark realised he could combine four of his biggest passions; design, marketing, photography and travel, when he discovered the world of professional architectural and interiors photography and he hasn't looked back since. Mark’s design education and marketing experience ensures he understands both your artistic vision and commercial needs and the psychological triggers that cause your customers and clients to be drawn to the images that he creates. His creative eye, technical skills and painstaking attention to detail produce striking, high quality images that will get you and your properties and designs noticed.

Process & Philosophy

Mark uses a mixture of natural daylight and subtle artificial lighting to produce images that have depth a“real” feel and a painterly quality. In each image Mark carefully considers and uses the following 5 elements:

  1. Subject and context: What the focal point of the image will be and how the image tell the story of the design as a whole . Whether the image should show the design in it’s context. How the image fits in with the entire set of images to illustrate the overall story.

  2. Composition and framing: Choosing the best camera position, height, direction, focal length and framing for the image is key to making an image that is interesting and engaging. It is also critical for representing the design in a faithful way and it giving a sense of scale and grandeur or making it recede into it’s surroundings (depending on what is most desirable.

  3. Staging/styling: Especially for interiors, it is important to show the building/space as used by humans in an inviting way, without being distracting. Objects may need to be removed to eliminate distractions and make the image “relax” or added to create a sense of life or that the space is “lived in”.

  4. Timing, weather and light: For exteriors and interiors with views. timing and weather can have a huge effect on the image both in terms of the light cast on the subject and the look of the sky and ground. Seasons also have a big effect and need to be considered. Soft overcast light or harsh sun give a totally different feel. For interiors, the goal is to use and shape the natural light wherever possible to add depth and drama, and then make use of artificial lighting to add or control contrast and reproduce what the human eye sees if necessary.

  5. Movement and scale: Images become more dynamic when there is a sense of movement in them. This could be through the addition of people, animals or any other moving objects in the scene. Finally, known objects like humans or cars can help add a sense of scale to an image which might otherwise be hard to understand properly.

Mark is the perfect architectural photographer with a great eye for detail. We look forward to working with him again soon
— Karen Laughlin, C7 Architects


Mark is regularly featured by Houzz and has won "Best of Houzz"  awards every year since 2016.

Mark Hazeldine in Godalming, Surrey, UK on Houzz
Mark Hazeldine in Godalming, Surrey, UK on Houzz
Mark Hazeldine in Godalming, Surrey, UK on Houzz
Mark Hazeldine in Godalming, Surrey, UK on Houzz
Mark Hazeldine in Godalming, Surrey, UK on Houzz

Editorial Publication

Mark’s work has been published in UK interiors titles several times including a photo project about a Japanese inspired house featured in Self Build & Design magazine, along with a cover image (October 2017 issue).

Personal projects

In addition to assignment work and social media management, Mark also creates fine art architecture, cityscape and street photography as a way to express his love of lines and form in architecture. To see some of his fine art work, visit his personal Instagram feed or SaatchiArt portfolio, where you can buy prints.


I am available for commissions across the UK and internationally. Please send me a message if you would like to know more.