Why work with Mark?

So why would you choose to commission me?

Apart from the obvious one (i.e. you like my style and my photos), there are a number of other factors that come into play:



As an experienced marketing professional, I understand that you want your design ethos/vision and your brand to come across strongly in your marketing and photography. I make a point of having a detailed discussion with every new client to ensure I understand your requirements before the first shoot so that I can capture exactly what you need, every time.

Mark understood the pressures of trying to arrange shoots and was very understanding
— Karen Laughlin, C7 Architects

I'm an architecture & DESIGN specialist

Unlike many photographers promoting themselves as an "architectural photographer", I'm not a generalist, doing all different kinds and genres of work as well, such as weddings and portraits. My focus is purely on architectural, interior, property and hospitality photography. Being a specialist allows me to hone my expertise, skills and experience to deliver the highest quality of work.


Photographing a piece of architecture or interior design is not just a matter of plonking down a tripod in the corner of a room, sticking a wide angle lens on the camera and snapping away. It is not simply about recording the space. Your marketing creative needs to create emotion and engage your potential clients and customers. It is an art form and not just "recording the space". This involves carefully considered composition, sometimes complex lighting setups and advanced post production techniques to recreate what the eye and brain sees when you're there in person, in a convincing way on screen or in print. Being the owner and curator of a large social media hub dedicated to architecture and cityscape photography (Wundrous London), I have come to understand, over years of experimenting, testing and fine tuning, what kinds of photos create engagement and interest.

We were nervous using another photographer, but Mark’s work was of high quality. We love his attention to detail and the time obviously spent in post to create the final images
— Karen Laughlin, C7 Architects

I understand design

I studied design at Kingston and Coventry University, two of the UK's top institutions for the subject. This gives me a different perspective than most photographers, as I understand the design process, terminology and the things that are important to convey about a design. I understand perspective, light, space, flow, balance, usability and how it all needs to come together in a piece of architecture or design. I also understand how design affects the mood and well-being of those who use buildings and spaces and how good design can draw people to a place. 

I understand marketing

I have 5 years experience as a professional marketer, so I understand marketing theory and how it works in practise. I specialise in digital/online marketing (which is where most architecture photography ends up being seen these days) and my experience here means I am able to help you with more than just providing photos, but I can also help you to get the best out of them in your marketing and help you get more exposure for your work, brand or venue.


I have spent 10 years in the corporate world, and 5 of those being involved in client-side marketing of large B2B companies, including hiring and working with professional photographers. As such, I understand the stresses and strains you face in running and marketing your business. I understand the need to get your space ready for opening/client handover on time and, if your business is a going concern, the need to keep your space open for business as much as possible around a photo shoot, with minimal interruptions and the need to maintain a professional appearance at all times.

I use high quality equipment and advanced techniques

Capturing your design or space using a DSLR and basic techniques like HDR is fine if you just want to convey the space in a matter-of-fact way, but if you really want to wow prospective clients and customers, you need to show images of the highest quality, with great lighting and impeccable styling. To do this, your photographer needs the right (expensive) gear for the job. I have everything needed to capture the atmosphere of your design or venue, no matter the time of year or day and with high technical image quality.

In addition, photographing the space is not even 50% of the work required. Editing is what brings the photo alive and brings emotion. I know how to bring the best out in every photo. See my Before & After page for an illustration of what I do to get the best out of every image. 

I also know how to curate images to tell a story. I believe that you shouldn't have to wade through a ton of poor/average photos just to find the good ones. I will save you time and present you with the absolute best work. No hassle, no fuss.

I AM experienced, consistent, RELIABLE & PROFESSIONAL

I've been creating photos for over 15 years and have worked with all kinds of clients in all different kinds of scenarios.  I won't be phased by high pressure situations or challenging conditions. I understand that on a shoot I am a representative and extension of your brand. I know how to get the shots required with the minimum disruption possible. Also, if you and/or your clients are at the shoot do my best to help everyone feel relaxed and comfortable ensuring everyone has a good time too!

Communication was great throughout. Mark was efficient and very easy to work with
— Karen Laughlin, C7 Architects

Like what you see?

If after looking at my portfolio and reading the above points you'd like to discuss things further, please contact me and I'd be happy to talk and give you an estimate.